09.10.17: Abgesagt!!! BRIAN HOWE (Ex-Bad Company) (UK)

 Brain Howe Tour abgesat, aufgrund der katastrophalen Auswirkungen des Hurrikanes Irma!!!!! 


Hier der Brief von seinem Manager:

n to residential property.  There is fear we will have a dysentery outbreak!

There is sporadic internet (Brian is using his cell phone, the same carrier I have) but many cell providers are unable to provide service.  I have not been able to see a news report on TV in a week…it may be another week before service is restored.

Traffic lights are slowly coming back.  The majority of businesses remain closed.  The major hotels and resorts (Ritz Carlton, Naples Grande, JW Marriott, etc.) are all closed indefinitely.  These are all stories that the news media is NOT reporting.  This is state wide.  While buildings may have been relatively unscathed (thanks to strict building codes following Hurricane Andrew in 1994) the infrastructure has been devastated.Food is in short supply at grocery stores and the grocery stores barely have power.  This will go on for another week to two before the supply chain is restored.

Brian is in a situation where he is trying to help his son who has a small child, Brian’s granddaughter.  Michael is without power, without air conditioning and it is upwards of 92 degrees most days.  Without going in to too much detail, Brian has otherB responsibilities and the people that usually are there to cover for him while he is traveling simply have their hands full and are unable to offer help even though they were scheduled to take care of things when we confirmed the tour.  When we looked at all the issues it became clear that the only course of action was to look to the venues to reschedule dates.  This is not the first time a natural disaster has created such a situation and it won’t be the last but we are simply saying we want to be there but need to adjust the schedule due to circumstances beyond our control.

As far as I am concerned, the reasoning is very sound and we don’t have to hide from the truth.  If people are unable to understand the gravity of the situation then I cannot help them, I just hope they don’t find themselves with similar problems, with damage to their property and family in difficulty.



09.10.17: BRIAN HOWE (Ex-Bad Company) (UK)

Einlass: 19.00 Uhr - Beginn: 20.00 Uhr

BRIAN HOWE - www.brianhowe.com 

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